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The world of crypto baskets for newbies and experts

Easy basket fund strategy for accredited investors to become savvy investor.

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Start with us by indicating your interest.

We will provide a consultation and investment guidebook through e-mail.

*The brochure(Guidebook) will be prepared on the 25th of August


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MAS Registered
Crypto Robo-advisor

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1:1 investment support & weekly report

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Focused on 

Ready-to-run Baskets

Curated baskets of crypto assets representing distinct themes and risk appetites, with automated updates to composition and weightings. Choose baskets that best interests you and freely manage the proportions of the baskets.

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Institutional Custody

All cryptocurrency tokens are secured by third-party institutional custodians with best-in-class security protocols.

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ZERO Pressure to Start

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Low management fee

Easy access to services with low management fee of 1.5%~1.7%

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Start with small buget

Start investing effortlessly with a minimal amount. Individuals can start with a minimum of 1,000 USD and family office 100,000 USD.

Learn to invest with
DigiFinance Academy

We provide easy-to-read texts to help you develop your crypto knowledge. Grow your assets and knowledge in DigiFinance Blog.

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How to use?

For detail service guide, download the guidebook.

Step 1


Proceed with identity verification and account verification through e-mail.

Step 2


Deposit the amount you want in USD, SGD or cryptocurrency USDC.

Step 3

Manage basket


Choose a basket generated by experts and freely set the ratio for each basket.

Step 4

Watch them grow

See the full return of your assets. We will send you a weekly performance report. Your balance can be withdrawn at any time.

Our next step

Daily Crypto Reporting

Under Development
We provide daily crypto market reports.

Observe compressed crypto market information at a glance.

Quant for crypto investment

Under Development

DigiFinance crypto-quant investments allow you to create safe and efficient returns.

Ask us any questions,
Get our guide brochure through email 

The brochure will be prepared on the 25th of August


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