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Safest Private Key Backup Service.


your assets are safe?

Continuous key loss incidents

$ 72M in ETH

Cryptocurrency staking platform Stakehound loses investor assets due to digital wallet private key security failure.

$ 847,500

Loss of NFT equivalent to 250+ Ether due to loss of personal seed phrase

$ 220M

Loss of 7,002 Bitcoin due to loss of  personal seed phrase in 2021

Use MasterKey

as an Insurance

Store all your wallets regardless of the type of wallet or provider

MasterKey can save these wallets like Phantom, Metamask, Aergo, Ledger and so on.
Store every wallet you want

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Protect all your digital asset with MasterKey

With MasteKey, you can protect all your digital assets, not only cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, ALGO, MATIC, TRV, but also NFTs like CryptoPunk, BAYC, and Beeple.

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Store and restore all your mnemonic for free regardless of the number of wallets.

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Strong security

Encrypted Mnemonic is split into six or more before being stored on R3 Corda financial clouds.

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Regardless of wallet type

All mnemonics can be stored in the master key regardless of a hot wallet or cold wallet.

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Easy to store/restore

you can save and restore anytime, anywhere.

Powered by

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MasterKey Keystore API

Transparent and Easy to handle API key management

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Rapid Recovery Speed

  • Permissioned blockchain technology

  • Enables rapid transaction processing

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Strong Stability

  • Permissioned blockchain technology

  • Transaction volume monitored and managed

  • KYC-verified network participants

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Flawless Security

  • Distributed seed phases

  • Seed phases encrypted into passwords through blockchain technology

Provided to

Wallet Provider

Financial Instituions

Blockchain /Finteck Company


Security Company

From Wallet Memo
to Private Key Storing.

Organize multiple wallets at a glance and keep your private key safe.
Now start free in MasterKey 2.0 version.

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