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Simplicity and Security for Digital Assets

DigiFinance is a blockchain-focused technology and financial services firm dedicated to helping people access the innovation of digital assets with greater security and simplicity through institutional-grade products and services.

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Digifinance has services that have simplicity and security for Digital Assets; Robo-advisor, quant(developing), MasterKey, and MarS



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DigiFinance utility token using at our services. You can check information and news about TRV here.


Perfect safety vault for your assets. It is a patented non-custodial wallet seed phrase management product

MasterKey API

No more security concerns,
Focus on your GROWTH

  • Provides secure private Key protection&recovery solution for businesses and institutions

  • Non- custodial service

  • Immediate and easy recovery

  • Become flawless and strong in security issues

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  • ERC-20 token and Bitcoin

  • Easy digital asset management

  • Integrated with MaskerKey DApp

Manage your crypto in a glance with MarS wallet for ERC-20 and Bitcoin





Coming Soon

Robust investment platform offering a secure gateway into curated crypto investments

Curated Portfolios

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Curated baskets of crypto assets representing distinct themes and risk appetites, with automated updates to composition and weightings.

Institutional Custody

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All cryptocurrency tokens are secured by third-party custodians with best-in-class security protocols.

Simplified Access

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Access powerful investment options and portfolio information through a streamlined app.

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Under Development

A digital asset management platform that combines a robust institutional asset management infrastructure and risk management best practices

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Enterprise grade blockchain

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We offer B2B2C enterprise-grade non-custodian private key management solutions

3FA Identity Verification

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1) E-mail 2) SMS 3) Name & Birthday authentication. No third-party or service provider engages in part of the process

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The Safest Vault

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Safe it in the safest vault powered by cryptography, distributed DB and what more.


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DigiFinance utility token

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