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DigiFinance Capital provides solutions for accredited and institutional investors. Please see here for details.

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Access crypto asset
investment opportunities
built on established institutional operating principles


Access to an Emerging Asset Class

At DigiFinance Capital, we are applying well-established traditional-finance processes to provide institutional-quality access to cryptoasset investment opportunities.

The continuing institutionalization and maturity of the crypto asset ecosystem in the recent years increasingly make crytpo assets a viable option for diversified investment portfolios

We believe crypto assets represent an exciting, new investable asset class, and give investors the opportunity to benefit from the innovations of emerging blockchain technologies.

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Institutional Standard


Transparent access to an emerging asset class with institutional operating frameworks.

By partnering with reputable crypto asset service providers, including established institutional custodians and independent fund administrators, Digifinance Capital’s investment products apply time-tested operational frameworks to cryptocurrency market opportunities.

From multiple thematic crypto baskets to sophisticated crypto options structures, our funds aim to provide transparent access to this emerging asset class for accredited and institutional investors.



Partner with us

We strongly believe in the importance of partnerships to support the growth of this investment asset class. If you are an independent wealth advisor, wealth platform or EAM, we would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you to provide crypto asset investment options for your clients.

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Wealth Platform


Wealth Advisor

digital asset  investment

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